Sneaky Archer attacks are common, even at Builder Hall 6 and they bring in solid results when the attacker know what to do, solid 2-Star attacks are not a problem at all. In this guide I will show you all you need to know to succeed in Sneaky Archer attacks.

Sneaky Archers in Versus Battles

The biggest strength of Sneaky Archers is their ability, the Cloak, that will keep them hidden from all defenses (except traps) for up to 10 seconds letting them deal their damage silently without anything that will happen to them.

With up to 10 seconds, the damage they will deal is quite high:

  • Level 10: 371 damage before Cloak disappears
  • Level 11: 406 damage before Cloak disappears
  • Level 12: 580 damage before Cloak disappears

So, when using Sneaky Archers, you can use them without a tank because they can deal a lot of their damage without a tank needed and the damage can be, as you see above, a lot.

sneaky archer in versus battles

Usually, when using Sneaky Archers, your battle protocol is always the same:

  1. Use your Archers extremely surgically to clear the path into the base
  2. Try to remove the Crusher in front of the Builder Hall
  3. Send in your Battle Machine to go for the Builder Hall

Now I will give you some very helpful advice and also a nice infographic how you will do this in the most efficient way.

How to win with Sneaky Archers

There are actually only 2 things you will need to make sure and the victory will be yours:

  • Select your entry point properly
  • Don’t waste Archers by doing wrong deployments (I will show you in a couple of seconds what I mean)

One word of caution first, the AI is sometimes a little random and hard to foresee – read more about that in this article I wrote lately:

Base Selection

Normally, you can attack almost any base you want with Sneaky Archers, but be careful when you stand in front of such a base:

bh6 base 5000 cups working

It’s simply hard to attack because Archers are limited to go into the base area and lose precious time of their Cloak ability and you might run out of time.

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