Engineered (also referred to as “lopsided”) bases have been a hot topic for everyone participating in Clan Wars, both casual and competitive, for the past year now.

Supercell addressed this issue with minor improvements inside the war matchmaking algorithm in previous updates, but these have not 100% solved the issue for the majority of Clashers.

Engineered Bases – Future or Past?

The problem is that many casual clans, who only complete one or two Clan Wars every week, do so for fun, but still with the intention of winning.  These clans use their main accounts, which they have played for years and intend to reach fully maxed bases.  When they get matched against clans with engineered bases, they don’t stand much chance of winning the Clan War.

Why is engineering a big problem?

Engineering means solely focusing on upgrading Town Hall to get stronger troops for attacking without building the new defenses.

This will give these bases a lower war weight, but with only 1 base defending (3 stars lost) and 2 attacks (6 possible stars won). In return, their clan will get matched against a clan that may have less TH10/TH11 bases, so they are not able to collect as many stars on top of the enemy’s war map.

First of all, this not cheating since it uses no irregular glitch. They just prioritize upgrades with the understanding of how war matchmaking works.

In case you’d like to learn more about this, please read the war weight guide here:

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Why Supercell has a hard time addressing this

In my opinion, Supercell did make some mistakes, in the past, regarding engineered bases and now they have to deal with a delicate situation.

On one side you have the players that don’t want to get outmatched on their main accounts they have been playing for such a long time. On the other side you have players that love Clan War and have been prioritizing their upgrades around war weight for a long time.

Both sides have their reasons to be upset if Supercell addresses this incorrectly. Casual players disappointed (more than 80% of the whole community) if nothing is done.  Others mad when they have wasted a lot of time leaving out upgrades for no reason if Supercell removes any advantage from engineering a base.

In my opinion, they have been dancing around the problem too long and now they can’t just disavow one side or the other.

They should have addressed this when the engineered strategy was rising. With engineered bases being very successful in Clan Wars, more and more people started doing this and now the number of players has risen so much that their voice has to also be heard by Supercell.

I can completely understand that those with engineered bases would be extremely mad when Supercell gives them a big penalty in matchmaking since they invested a lot of time and effort into a strategy that Supercell was tolerating for a long time.

On February 13th, 2017 this topic was also discussed within the Q&A with the developers:

Does Supercell see lopsided bases as a fair and equitable playing style?

“Engineering” is a heated topic and opinions about it are divided.

Are lopsided bases anything we can prevent? If we could, should we do drastic changes? Would players put up with strict restrictions on upgrades to mandate offense-defense balance?
Say we put in a restriction, could the restrictions be balanced to be somewhat more lenient? Where would we draw the line? And if this is a complex line, would we need tools to help players manage their upgrades and understand their restrictions better?

Some cases cannot be prevented even with restrictions. For instance, thinking about launching a new troop, spell, defense or extra buildings at lower Town Hall levels. Doing balancing becomes more difficult, as any bigger rebalance could allow people to break the restrictions.

Without a restriction, what can we do? Keep in mind that we are already doing a lot. As mentioned in the previous Dev Q&A, there is a huge amount of code behind the CW matchmaking that specifically looks for lopsided bases and is designed to mitigate any unfair advantage they might have. This isn’t always obvious to players, because the war map is sorted by defense strength only. However, attack strength is ALWAYS taken into account, and CW matchmaking does all it can to make sure the “books are balanced” overall from top to bottom of a war map, both in terms of attack and defense strength. Of course we can always do better and we will continue to improve this matchmaking very often.

We can’t really prevent them without making extremely complex restrictions that will adversely impact some players and that would require a lot of time and development effort to do right – and even then they might not even work that well in the long term. Instead, we try to improve our matchmaking algorithms to reduce unfair advantages from things like lopsided bases, and we will continue to do so regularly!

They already admit that they are having a hard time and they can’t afford giving up either the casual players or the hardcore war players.

Possible Solution To Engineering

The problem is clear and the demand for a solution has been loud and clear for months now. I think they are currently brainstorming several ideas:

The only thing that I can say with certainty is that Supercell won’t be taking drastic steps in the next update. I heard from several resources and it looks like they are still not sure how to take the next steps regarding engineered bases.

I’m very sure about that because:

  1. Inside the game files, there is evidence of a matchmaking penalty for engineered bases that will add a lot of weight to their bases (but the exact amount is not accessible).
  2. User support occasionally asks people about their opinion on restricting Town Hall upgrades until a certain amount of upgrades is done.

In my opinion, none of these approaches will solve the problem.

One approach would punish all people with lopsided bases too much and force them to stop giving information to players searching for war weights on the internet.  Remember lopsided can also be a rushed base and these players already have a hard time in the game.

The other approach would prevent new defenseless bases from being create, but doesn’t solve the problem of currently engineered accounts (unless they automatically level the Town Hall down, which I doubt will happen). In addition, this wouldn’t prevent a player upgrading to Town Hall 10 and deciding to not build Inferno Towers.

Here you can see a chat from support that shows their thoughts (not everybody is getting this answer so I assume they want to gather some opinion) – thanks Michael for sharing this:

supercell engineered bases

Also, here’s the part that seemed to be included in the recent March 2017 Mini-Update – but unfortunately without evidence (click on the picture to get the full article):

weight penalty clashkings2


Personally I feel very sorry about this situation, because the solution will again cause bad blood in our community at a time when most aspects of the game are feeling good again. I don’t see any possibility that won’t make one side or the other angry and the way it is right now is also nothing that can stay forever.

Casual players won’t continue to play when they are outmatched most of the time, that’s for sure.

I hope there will be a solution for both sides, but I doubt that we will see something big coming very soon.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha