The Giant Skeleton makes a little surprising comeback after having been one of the two seasonal troops in the Halloween Event just 2 months ago, it is also featured as the second seasonal Clashmas troop called “Jack Skellingboom”.

Without a doubt, the Giant Skeleton has been the seasonal troop with the most fans in the community and I don’t know anybody who says it’s not a nice troop to use.

I think the reason is that it has a fully fresh gameplay by being able to tank and also dropping its Giant Bomb when dying that will cause really solid damage.

coc giant skeleton stats halloween 2017 event

How the Giant Skeleton Works

There’s not that much you need to adapt – it works in the general functionality exactly like a Giant, even having pretty much the same hitpoints.

The only difference here is that the Giant Skeleton deals double the damage of a Giant and up to 2,200 death damage when dying – in return, the Giant Skeleton costs you 20 Housing Space (making it worth 4 Giants on the paper).

Giant Skeleton Strategy

It seems tempting to just replace some Giants or other tanks with the Giant Skeleton, but the Giant Skeleton is, although having a good amount of health, not a tank per se.

The true power of the Giant Skeleton comes from dealing the extremely high death damage in a rather big radius, so everything you will need to do to actually benefit from the Giant Skeleton is to get it into the core area of the base you’re attacking.

giant skeleton guide

The high hitpoints are not meant to tank, they are meant to protect and keep the Giant Skeleton alive as long as needed to get it deep into the base and not dying off quickly. You can imagine it being more a Wall Breaker than a Giant 🙂

Also, the 20 Housing Space is simply too expensive for being a Giant with a little more DPS.

This leads me to the question how many Giant Skeletons you should bring? I have been making a ton of attacks with the Giant Skeleton back in October and I found 3-4 Giant Skeletons being a good amount to get at least 2 of them into the absolute core area.

It’s a little like in my guide for the Ice Wizard, where I have been telling you to not just switch Ice Wizard in for regular Wizards but use them cautions and in small numbers.

Again, I don’t want you to leave out damage dealing troops, you can replace some of your tankong troops with the Giant Skeleton, but make sure to have at least half of your former tanks still in your army (If you used 2 Golems, make sure at least 1 Golem is still there – if you used 16 Giants, make sure to still have at least 8 Giants etc.) – after that you can replace some of your damage dealing troops with Giant Skeletons.

All you need to do is to set up your funnel in the corners and then send in your Giant Skeletons along with your kill squad and see them all do their deadly work 🙂

giant skeleton strategy

The Giant Skeleton on Defense

Another thing that you can try out is using it in your Clan Castle for defense. The hitpoints will bind troops long enough to get closer and then the death damage will kill almost all troops inside the radius.

It’s like the suicide version of a Golem in the Clan Castle and especially troops like Bowlers and Valkyries will struggle a lot when facing a CC Giant Skeleton 🙂

Please share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂