Builder Hall 6 forces attacking to visit air troops with the extra Crusher and Roaster and this manual, I will show you the two hottest and well-working attacking approaches for Builder Hall 6.

Builder Hall 6 Attacking Guide

Some general things before we leap in the attacking guides:

  1. Get your Battle Machine to Level 5 before visiting Builder Hall 6! With no Electric Hammer ability you won’t have the ability to acquire high 2-Star attacks!
  2. Update your Baby Dragons into Level 10 as quickly as possible
  3. Then Begin upgrading your Night Witch

I understand that ground attacks with Giants are still popular at Builder Hall 6, but they are often times an insecure thing that could find a fantastic attack but also depend a lot on luck of time with the traps and the Crushers at the base you are attacking.

I have seen people attacking my base with the identical strategy but occasionally not even get 1 Star and occasionally receive a high 2-Star attack simply since the Battle machine lived with 5\% wellbeing the Crusher or things like this — that is why I suggest using air troops since they are not as delicate to trap placements and protection triggers!

In case you’ve got your own Baby Dragons at Level 8 or lower you will have to decide on the ground troops but be certain that you upgrade them as quickly as possible.

battle machine upgrading

Fight Machine Upgrading? If your Battle Machine is updating, wait with assaulting until the update is finished — the daily reward can pile for two days (read more about this) so there is only a little use and it will cost you lots of decorations becoming your successes without Battle Machine

BH6 Attacking with Baby Dragons / Night Witch

There are two attacking strategies that I found to be the best-working for Builder Hall 6 which attracted me to nearly 4,000 Trophies easily.

Builder Hall 6 Attacking with Baby Dragons

If you utilized Baby Dragons in reduced Builder Hall Level, you may now have to accommodate your attacking plan just a little bit. BH5 and reduced, the only real threat to them was that the atmosphere Bomb Factory and getting down this one with your Battle Machine brought you the win.

At Builder Hall 6, the Firecrackers, more DPS in the Archer Towers and the Roaster adds enough harm that Baby Dragons can find a issue with this strategy.

In Builder Hall 6, you need to use the Baby Dragons to clean off the Crusher(s) and Dual Cannon so your Battle Machine can wash off the foundation including the Builder Hall at the end.

baby dragons and battle machine

You do that from the way you’re used to by spreading them out around the base so that they all have their Frenzy Ability busy and cope double the damage. The moment one of them dies, replace him with a new baby Dragon till you’ve got no Baby Dragons left.

This is the time once your Battle Machine must clean off the leftovers.

battle machine cleaning up guide

The reason is, the 2 Crushers together with the Cannons and Dual Cannons will deal a lot of damage your Battle Machine can take down the Air Bombs or Firecrackers without dying too quickly.

Builder Hall 6 Attacking with Night Witches

When the Night Witches were published everybody was fearful the Night Witches are too powerfull and mass night Witches would make 3-Star strikes all of the time. Supercell took some time with balancing and they’re yet effective but not automatically 3-Star strikes.

If used right, it’s still possible to take down maxed BH6 foundations, but it requires more than simply deploying them in the corner and wait.

You’ll need a tank with you and combine it with Baby Dragons or Giants.

Before using them, you must level up them to at least 8!

When attacking you should follow this protocol:

  1. Deploy your Night Witches at the very corner, so that they will spawn some Bats that will take down outside buildings
  2. Get your tanks (Fight Machine or Giants down until the Night Witches input the radius of the Multi Mortar! The Multi Mortar can take them down easily!
  3. Attempt to attack from the opposite side of this Roaster since it will neutralize the Bats fast and powerful

night witches attacking with battle machine as tank

As you can see in this movie, the attacks with mass Night Witches are often time really near, but when using Giants and them they just beat the foundations without difficulty.